Claudia Brückner

Claudia Brückner is an Event Experience Designer, Innovation Consultant, Independent Strategist and Coach for Personal and Professional Development. She develops event formats and concepts (from big conferences to intimate workshops) that focus on user-centered experiences and human interactions. She has supported conferences like re:publica, DMY Berlin, Service Experience Camp, Synchronicity Berlin with her expertise and co-initiated the 4531km road trip through Europe.
Claudia describes herself as a fearless thinker with a strategic aptitude as much as a risk-taking doer driven by a positive attitude towards experimentation. Oh, and she is a passionate troublemaker as well. Born in East Germany, she temporarily escaped to the South Pacific and is currently living and working in Berlin. Ah, and she loves cycling. Against all odds. At Digital Bauhaus Summit 2017 she is hosting the Modern Talking track.
Photo by Kirsten Becken

Activity: Modern Bottle Post

Track: Modern Talking
Date: Day 1 – ongoing
Location: Neufert-Mansion, Gelmeroda

In its fourth year, the Digital Bauhaus Summit investigates past, present and future modes of being modern. Therefore, we want to take a closer look at the statements sent in by the participants about "How to be modern today?" and invite everyone to give their interpretation of the statements a material expression, thus creating a "modern bottle post" on June, 16th.

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