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Alexander Schindler | Digital Bauhaus Summit 2017 | Being Modern

Alexander Schindler

Beside my master studies at Berlin University of the Arts (study program "Communication in Social and Economic Contexts" with focus on media studies), I am working as an assistant researcher at the archive of the media philosopher and early digital culture thinker Vilém Flusser (1920-1991) – www.flusser-archive.org. Before that I gained qualification in media design and technique especially print design and cross media design. I am also holding a bachelor degree in communication and economics which paved the way for me to get in higher positions in the so-called creative industries.
For some time past I am focusing on the influence of past and future media technologies on contemporary (and future) cultures with an speculative way of media thinking. As a combination of humanities (esp.  20th and 21st century-philosophy and cultural studies), aesthetics and media thinking (focusing on media archeology, media ecology theory and communication theory) I try to create critical thoughts of the future aspects of photography. 

How to be modern today?

Against expectations most modern conceptions of the human being are older than the word "modern" itself. E.g. the whole discussion about transhumanism was already conceived by Platon in terms of his concept of "willpower". In conclusion and to my mind the only sensible way to be modern today is not losing the eye from the human condition as it's mentioned in past philosophical concepts. So keep calm and read Nietzsche instead of solely scrolling through Instagram. At least do both alternately…

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