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Alexander Steinhart | Digital Bauhaus Summit 2017 | Being Modern

Alexander Steinhart

Alexander is a psychologist, facilitator, design thinker. His interest in technology, combined with an even greater passion for humans, social dynamics and social change, led him to study psychology and cultural studies in Maastricht, Brighton, and Belfast as well as Human-Centered Design in Potsdam. He co-founded ( OFFTIME ), an awarded Berlin based post-tech startup, and one of the early, leading players in the field of unplugging and digital detox with over a million users. ( OFFTIME )’s aim is to support people to customize their connectivity, to find focus and an enriching work-life-tech-balance  - and facilitate a discourse around the topic.


How to be modern today?

The last great paradigm-shift, the industrial revolution, forced people to rethink how entire societies could be organized; it enabled opportunities and raised ethical, economic and ecological issues that continue to shape and affect us up to this day. Now, the smartphone is the primary contact when standing up, our economy lives from our attention and digital services are optimized for the longest interaction. And we're just at the beginning of the next shift  - the next big thing in technology is humanity. Therefore, the question is not just about how to be modern today but rather how will we stay human in the digital age?

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