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Franziska Matthis | Digital Bauhaus Summit 2017 | Being Modern

Franziska Matthis

I am a teacher of philosophy, art and mathmatics in a highschool in a disadvantaged area of Berlin. And I love my job. I am really nosy regarding all kinds of contemporary discussions, no matter if they are about art, politics, science, philosophy or just teenager-talk. I have two small preschool children, which i love, but since their birth it's sometimes been kind of harder to keep up with my own art-practice. I try hard to keep on track but most of the time my projects turn out to be somehow more pragmatic. So, from the unnamed object there has been a gradual shift towards selfbuilt furniture.

How to be modern today?

In the classical way modernity assumes the existence of an universal truth. Seen from historic distance this acclaimed universal truth has merely been a selfrightious construction from an eurocentric perspective as critizised by postmodern thinkers. Though lately postmodern relativism has been reclaimed by the neo-rightwing movements throughout the world. I would love to be modern enough to stop rightwing relativism without the colonialistic eurocentric parts of it and stay true to Derrida.

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