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Slavis Poczebutas | Digital Bauhaus Summit 2017 | Being Modern

Slavis Poczebutas

I am an Architect and Urbanist and the Managing Partner of Mekado, Studio for Design, Architecture and Urbanism. Before founding Mekado in Berlin, I have worked as a Director at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture alongside Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam. Before joining OMA, I worked in the international multidisciplinary design firm Arup, both in London and Hong Kong, where I worked together with some of the industries most brilliant minds, managing a range of cross-disciplinary and integrated urban development projects and eco cities globally. Alongside, I was advisor to the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network funded by the Rockefeller foundation, advising cities on urban resilience strategies. My focus lies in integrated planning and social and environmental sustainability. In creating a well-designed product, building or urban environment, there is an inherent value added to a long-term investment for the future. I hold a degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture at the University of Technology Berlin and London Metropolitan University. I am a Guest Professor and a visiting critic at various universities and speak regularly at both academic and professional forums.

How to be modern today?

We are at a time where it becomes increasingly urgent to rethink and renegotiate the superstructures of our society. We need to ask challenging question about power and the self, renegotiating what constitutes community, whether from the perspective of equality, resources, governance or technology. In order to develop solutions for a progressive future, we have to embark on building awareness through collaborative practices, finding ways how we can redefine and develop a new deal of togetherness.

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