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Tugce Karatas | Digital Bauhaus Summit 2017 | Being Modern

Tugce Karatas

I am an independent researcher and emerging curator from Istanbul. I am specialised in the dissemination of transdisciplinary design through media, curatorial practice, research and writing. Passionated social design entrepreneur. Master of none.

How to be modern today?

Today, we live in an era that still identifies itself in terms of Modernism, as post-Modernist or even post-post-Modernist. Modernism was not conceived as a style but a loose collection of ideas. Being modern is constantly rethinking "utopian notions“.

Activity: Modern Matters – An Experiment in Data Visualisation

Track: Modern Talking
Date: Day 1 – 16:00
Location: Neufert-Mansion, Gelmeroda

Daring and joyful, the spirit of the Bauhaus is characterised by experimentation, collaboration and play. Taking Wassily Kandinsky’s ‘Triangle, Square, Circle: A Psychological Test’ as a focal point, participants will decode a collaborative visual manifesto through a few steps of collective making. Participants will use a 7-bit binary code to represent their chosen word. Each letter will be assigned with their selected shapes for 0 and 1, also they will colour each in with primary colour that each shape seemed to suggest.  It will be an interactive drop-in session and last one hour. After the session, the inputs will turn into a visual representation of participatory manifestation and will be exhibited during the summit.

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