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Eckhart Nickel | Digital Bauhaus Summit 2017 | Being Modern

Eckhart Nickel

Dr. Eckhart Nickel studied German Literature and Art History in Heidelberg and New York and graduated with a study on Thomas Bernhard and Dandyism. He publishes fiction and travel writing, and works as a Journalist for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

Talk: Rimowa World

Conference: MoM – Museum of Modern
Date: Day 2 – 11:45
Location: E-Werk Kesselsaal, Weimar

The traveller is a perfect embodiment of modern existence. Constantly moving in an atmosphere shaped by the technicality of industrial transportation, he has to obey the law of “form follows function” in terms of practical clothing, strict rules of conduct imposed by the safety regulations of high speed travel and limited space for baggage. At the contemporary center of the new status-anxious uniformity of travel is an iconic piece of luggage that mimics the materiality of early air travel in its ribbed aluminium body. The brave new “Rimowa World” will be interpreted as a symbol for a controlling style habitus creating the last bastion of modernity.

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