Jörg-Uwe Albig

Jörg-Uwe Albig is a Berlin-based writer. His previous novels include Velo (1999), Land voller Liebe (2006), Berlin Palace (2010) and Ueberdog (2013). He also writes for various magazines.
Photo by Christina Zück

Talk: Eine Liebe in der Steppe / A Love in the Steppe

Evening Walk: Walking Is Thinking
Date: Day 1 – 18:00

Sense and sensibility in the time of posthumanism: Eine Liebe in der Steppe (A Love in the Steppe, forthcoming in July 2017) is a novel about the hauntology of Socialist Modernism, building watchers in the dying suburbs of East Germany, and the complicated love between a paleontologist and a Protestant chapel.

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