Jutta Ditfurth

Jutta Ditfurth (Frankfurt/Main) is a public intellectual, political activist, member of the city parliament of Frankfurt, sociologist and author of 16 books (topics range from the biography of Ulrike Meinhof to aristocratic antisemitism, ecofascism and New Age, the Paris Commune, and others), some of them bestsellers and several translated into other languages. She studied, did research and worked in Great Britain, the USA, the Soviet Union, Cuba, China, and Algeria.
Photo by Philipp v. Ditfurth

Tales of Thuringia

Evening Program: Tales of Thuringia
Date: Day 1 – 20.00
Location: Nivre Studio

The Peasants’ War, jews, nobility, workers movement, arts, class struggle and wars – a  strange look at Thuringia by a passionate storyteller.

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