Timo Daum

Timo Daum studied Physics and has worked over two decades in the IT industry. He is a lecturer for online development and digital economy. He writes and gives talks on topics around digital capitalism. His article series Understanding Digital Capitalism was published with the online magazine DAS FILTER. In autumn his book on digital capitalism will be published by Nautilus.

Talk: Socialism on the Inside, Capitalism on the Outside. Jerry Rubin and Solo-Capitalism

Conference: Peak Individualism
Date: Day 2 – 15:00
Location: E-Werk Kesselsaal, Weimar

Digital capitalism is converting us all into entrepreneurs: as individuals, we become franchisees of digital capitalism’s various platforms. We trace the beginnings of this selfie-entrepreneurship by looking at one of the leading lights of Californian counter-culture: Jerry Rubin.

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